Is Gondi compatible with Gnosis Safe?

Yes! Lenders can keep their capital in a Safe since our protocol supports the ERC-1271 standard.

Can I get access to Gondi's API?

We are working hard to give everyone access! Currently, we are issuing as many as we can to strategic partners (if you think you can be one, please reach out to us on Discord)

How do I enable instant refinancing for my loan as a borrower?

Instant refinancing is enabled by default so you do not have to worry about it!

How can I refinance outstanding loans?

Identify those loans whose terms you are willing to improve, and simply go ahead and do it. You will need to transfer the principal + accrued interest to the existing lender. If the new principal is higher than the original one, then that difference will be transfer to the borrower.

Do I need to pay gas fees to list my items?

Not at all. Listings are free as they are signed off-chain.

How do liquidations work?

When a single-lender loan expires without being repaid, the lender can claim its collateral. If the loan has multiple lenders, then the NFT would be auctioned and the proceeds would be distributed pro-rata to all lenders.

Do I need to have balance available to make offers to listings?

You can make offers to listings even if at the time you do not count with enough capital. These offers will be hidden until that changes (this is automatic!).

Do you support loans against ERC-1155s?

We currently do not support ERC-1155s but we plan to do so.

Can I refinance only a fraction of a loan?

Either if you are trying to diversify your portfolio across multiple loans or you don't have the liquidity, you can choose to partially refinance a loan.

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